About Agatha

Agatha grew up in a loving family, surrounded with her parents and two elder brothers.

She is from a well-off background and her father owns a large business. After completing her Baccalauréat at 16, Agatha went on to join a well established business school, planning to take over the family business along with her brothers.She was doing very well and was nicely advancing towards her planned future.

But at 20, her life is thrown off tracks.

I was at the library when it happened. I was looking for an economy book when, just a few steps away from me, a book fell on the ground. I picked it up. As it was open, I read a few lines and suddenly I was overwhelmed with emotion! It felt like a revelation

That book changed her life forever. Very soberly named “Spiritualities”, it is a very ancient treaty dealing with spirituality, occult science and spiritism..

After that first read, Agatha decides to dig deeper.

She starts reading books about the esoteric, religions, occult practices, philosophy. She attends conferences, meetings with religious authorities, with seers and enlightened beings.

Her thirst for knowledge is fuelled by her sensitivity that seems to increase over the weeks. She has visions, hears whispers, starts having strong hunches.

Then, on an April night as she was studying in her bedroom, she has THE ENCOUNTER!

“I was immersed in the study of documents when my eyes caught a white glimpse. It felt like I had been waiting for this moment all my life. A face took shape in this vaporous haze. For the first time, I met my guardian angel,” says Agatha.

“We have been together since.”

The being of light has given her strong divination, extra-sensory powers of extraordinary intensity and she is able to connect and communicate with invisible worlds.

She is also entrusted with a mission: to put her powers at the service of deserving people so that love and fortune smile upon them.

Agatha has helped thousands of persons over the last ten years and with outstanding results.

“My angel has given me two fantastic gifts. He gave me fabulous powers and he also gave meaning to my life. Helping those who need my guidance, opening the doors to happiness and prosperity, is a source of infinite joy, fulfilment and love. I have not gone on to be a businesswoman but I am rich with the happiness I give and the love I receive,”.
says Agatha